Global Sourcing

Leading progress for future growth isn't new for our team.

LAUNCH® was one of the first firms to work directly with Chinese manufacturers over 20 years ago. LAUNCH® continues to work with Chinese companies. In addition to Indian, Italian, Korean, and many other global exports to the U.S. since the mid 2000's.


Meet Our Leader

Arthur Emmanuel

Arthur Emmanuel is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in global sourcing, retail operations, and merchandising. With a career spanning over four decades, Arthur has made significant contributions to the retail industry, particularly during his lengthy tenure at Walmart. His strategic leadership and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Walmart into the global powerhouse it is today.

Arthur's journey with Walmart began in 1971, and he quickly rose through the ranks to hold several key positions. As the Senior Vice President of Sourcing and Retail Import Development Organization, he managed a $12 billion sourcing department, overseeing categories such as home, hardlines, apparel, and shoes. His efforts in building partnerships with international markets and implementing supplier metrics greatly improved the company's global procurement strategies and supplier performance.

One of Arthur's notable achievements includes leading the development and management of Walmart's entry into Argentina and Brazil, where he identified and hired talented associates to drive organizational success. His strategic vision and operational excellence have earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Walmart "Hero Award" and the "AI Johnson Buck at a Time Award."

Arthur's dedication to the Walmart mission extended beyond sourcing and procurement. He played a pivotal role in the transition of the Shoes and Jewelry Division into the Apparel Division, significantly reducing inventory and improving ROI. His leadership in supplier development brought new suppliers from India and the Dominican Republic, further enhancing the Walmart global supply chain.

In addition to his professional achievements, Arthur has been actively involved in community initiatives. He has served on the Board of Directors for Leadership in Education for Pacific Islanders (LEAP) and has been a passionate fundraiser for the American Heart Association and United Way. Arthur's bilingual proficiency in English and Urdu has also enabled him to connect with diverse communities and drive impactful initiatives.


Arthur's friendships, dedication to serving, and mentoring is a testament to his ability to inspire others. Arthur's leadership coupled with his commitment to sustainability and innovation, will continue to shape the future of retail merchandising, retail operations, and the global sourcing landscape.

"My good friend, I knew you were an exceptional management talent and represented our company in the very best way... I am so proud of the deserved recognition you are receiving in the business community. Again, my friend, you have represented us so well in so many different ways. We all are appreciative. Best wishes. I know you will do equally well in all your new assignments. Very truly yours."
- Sam Walton
"From Pakistan with $2 in your wallet to 38 years later as SVP of the world's largest company, I cannot adequately express my own feelings of appreciation, admiration, and respect for you."
- Mike Duke

From  Our Partners

"LAUNCH® was one of the first retail firms offering holistic product commercialization to North America. They are a strategic partner that has helped lead our U.S. sales, business analytics, and product development for over 13 years creating all fashion designs for private brand offerings on behalf of Navneet. The U.S. distribution started with one notebook in 2011 and has grown to eleven categories in the stationery department, selling to more than six merchants with over 200 items across various retail locations."

- Dilip Sampat, NAVNEET President & Board Member

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with LAUNCH® for over ten years. Our team has relied on LAUNCH® for their unparalleled expertise in sales and business development to manage our U.S. retail business effectively. Beyond their technical proficiency, LAUNCH® is a team of highly dependable and reliable professionals. They consistently meet deadlines, demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond, and excel in communication. We have grown our U.S. business from over 390,000 items shipped in 2019 to more than 3.4 million items shipped in 2024 . LAUNCH® has been an invaluable asset, and I look forward to the continued partnership with their team."

- Chen GuoMin, Owner - Prosper Outdoors