Our Story

A Significant Start

LAUNCH began as Launch Marketing in 2003, which was a significant year for consumers. Apple first introduced iTunes. Online services such as LinkedIn, Wordpress, and Skype were launched. Landlines were becoming obsolete in exchange for mobile devices. And for the first time, Walmart topped the Fortune 500 ranking of America's largest companies.

Answering a Need

The retail landscape was evolving at a rapid pace, and our founders recognized that brands needed new ways to take a product idea all the way to the shelves of the world's largest retailers. They built a more effective approach with a partnership-focused mission - and LAUNCH was born.

How We're Different

Unlike a product broker, we don't sell competitive items. We believe in partnerships. We work as an extension of our client's team to promote our client's brand at the retail level. We don't push or plug LAUNCH as a brand to retailers. We allow each product to shine - from concept to commerce. 

Who's On the Team


We've assembled a team of retail experts who have years of experience working with and for our key retail customers. We not only understand the expectations and requirements of key retailers but also have the relationships needed to help brands truly succeed in this space.



Who We Serve


While we do serve national brands, our core competencies revolve around emerging brands and private labels and building them to a national scale. Working together with our clients, we focus our energy and resources on the must-win retailers.


How We See the Future

Our vision is a position of thought leadership, where we merge supplier and merchant values to create growth. That's why we're constantly evaluating how people shop and buy products, how market-behaviors are changing, and how merchant expectations are evolving. Ultimately, our mission to be the preferred organization to help optimize the commercialization of products and brands.

As a client, we walk you through the entire brand-building process, from concept to commerce.